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Who would’ve thought Cody would be the last hg standing in group 1? While Group 2 has 3 of the F4, the future winner & only 1 Pre-Jury evictee.

oh god, it gives me so much satisfaction to see Frankie in gray, finally. oops.. welp, his personality took a turn for the worse so I’m soooo glad he’s gone now! Derrick and Cody better make final 2 with Derrick winning it all! that’s what I’m hoping for! …yeah my opinions in this game did a complete 180


listening to trxye like {x}

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troye sivan collage // tyler version


troye sivan collage // tyler version


YouTube couples so cute they make me physically squeamish…

Tyler and Troye said they aren’t dating. Don’t you think it’s a little disrespectful to refer to them as a couple? “Ships” are one thing, but.. come on, just be respectful.


Youtubers Trying To Dance